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This is a typical report.  In this example, we wanted to see what busses were utilized on each day of the month.  A query was performed selecting only the data for a particular month and year.  We then tabulate the data by day.  Note that the day of the week as well as the day of the month is shown (columns 1 & 2).  In column 3, the total number of busses use on that day is shown.  Then to
the right, the numbers of each bus are shown.  There is a vertical line displayed after every five bus numbers.  This facilitates the user of the report.

Statistics for the month are shown in the pink area at the bottom, desired .

This report is truly "CUSTOM".  It was designed to specifically meet the needs of our client.  This type of customization is what we specialize in.  Our software is made for you!

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