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---Help for your computer---

PC "Tune-Up"

If your PC computer doesn't function as you'd like, we can help resolve it's problems. i.e. virus issues, slowness, Internet problems, etc.

We'll give your computer a software "Tune-Up".  This includes updating your Windows Operating System to the latest updates and service packs, defragmenting your hard drive, cleaning up the Windows Registry, removing un-needed files, installing Microsoft Security Essentials (the free virus/spam protection software from Microsoft) and scanning your computer.

Our normal charge for the "Tune-Up" is just $75.00.

We have years and years of experience. We have been helping computer users since 1963!

We've seen and addressed all kinds of problems for all kinds of businesses and individual users.

--- Crisis Intervention ---

Sometimes bad things happen! Hardware fails, i.e. a disk failure, memory failure, fans start squealing... any number of things can go wrong.

We're here to help you. We have recovered data from corrupted hard drives, replaced bad memory or controller boards, etc.

Call us at (540) 828-6184