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Sheltie Systems, Inc.

Custom Computer Software for Companies with Unique Needs
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We work with you and your staff.  If needed we'll help you acquire hardware, operating system software and ancillary software.

We utilize our extensive library of custom software routines, forms and reports to build your system.

We work with your folks to make sure it works they way it should in order to insure you have the quality system you desire.
You work with us to make sure that your needs are met.  You  test and experiment with the software as the development process proceeds.  This enables you to ascertain it fitness for your business.

Back in the 1960's I was involved in creating custom software for Knopp Bros., Inc., a building supply company located in Staunton VA.  Hiram Knopp who was President worked with us and became famous for his statement "Oh, by the way...".  When we heard this we knew that he had found something that needed our attention to make the system meet his company's needs..
We create custom software especially for your needs.  It can be as simple or complex as required by your application.  It's yours and can be modified at any time to meet changing needs of your business.

We utilize Microsoft Windows based technology.  Your system  takes advantage of its full graphical interface.  Click here to view a typical  input form. Click here to view a typical report.
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